On 12-21-12, Doomsday
Playing their first live show for the Zombie Walk Society, The Noctambulant, a Melodic Black Metal ensemble from Jacksonville, FL, proved to listeners that they were something to keep an eye on. Playing melodic metal that still manages to bare reverence to the hard-edged tradition of the genre’s European roots, The Noctambulant means “Night Walker”, a fitting title for a musical collective heavily steeped in the darker sides of metal.

The Beginning/2013
The Noctambulant is the creation of two veterans of the Florida music scene: E. Helvete (vocals/guitar), and D. Franseth (drums). While playing in other bands, these two friends discovered a mutual lure to forge their own path into the Black Metal genre… and The Noctambulant was born. Playing as a 3 piece band with additional musician Lars Goerschafft (bass), The Noctambulant played various local shows and crafted more original songs to record. The band added a second guitarist, John Hoarfrost to the line up. After a few months, the new songs eventually became the first EP, Dreams of Rotten Silence, released on Halloween day (10/31), 2013. The EP received a good response from reviewers and peers in the scene, which lead the band to a short tour in January, 2014 consisting of shows all around the state of Florida. During the Holidays in 2013, The Noctambulant went back into the studio to record the second EP release named The Fear Leader. This EP was also well received and lead to some bigger and better events.

In February of 2014 John Hoarfrost left the band and local guitarist Chris Bhoff joined the band to bring together the solid foundation which allows for the full blend and unique sound of The Noctambulant. This unique sound also attracted interest from D.G. Records, The owner of which stated he was interested in working with The Noctambulant and said, “What drew me to you guys was your originality along with your influences showed me quickly that this was something special rather than just another band.”

DGR-LogoIn March of 2014 The Noctambulant signed with DGR to release a full length album. The Noctambulant has played various shows and festivals throughout 2015 , including Death to Miami III, Deland Metal Festival, Black Kvlt Fest 2 and providing support for Moonspell, SkeletonWitch, Turisas, and Thy Antichrist. During the last half of the year, The Noctambulant went into the studio to record their first full length LP, Advocatus Diaboli.


In 2015, the band was asked to tour the states with Nederoth on their National summer tour – The Blood Hellfire, and Blasphemy Tour. After which The Noctambulant was approached by fellow Floridians, Promethean Horde, who invited the band to join them on their fall East coast tour. During this time The Noctambulant released their 3rd EP, ‘Hubris and Nemesis’, and are preparing for the release of ‘Advocatus Diaboli’, with the video for the first single, Goddess, being released shortly beforehand. Many things are in store in 2016 for The Noctambulant. In 2016 The Noctambulant joined forces with Darkside Entertainment for booking and help with taking the band to the National level . DSE booked a summer tour which consisted of  east coast and mid west dates to support the release of  Advocatus Diaboli and Goddess video.

2017 and Beyond

2017 has arrived and so has The Noctambulant with a Panhandle and West Coast Winter Tour.  The tour was a success and The Noctambulant made new friends and laid the foundation for future tours booked by Darkside Entertainment.  Also in 2017, The Noctambulant have rejoined forces with John Hoarfrost again which he will be assisting with guitars and PR for the band and will be working with EMG in efforts to take the band to a national/international exposure.  The hard work and touring the past two years are starting to pay off and The Noctambulant will be releasing new music in later part of 2018.

Current Member

Lars Goerschafft – Bass & Backing Vocals
E. Helvete – Guitars & Lead Vocals  

John Hoarfrost.- Lead/Rhythm Guitars
D. Franseth – Drums & Backing vocals

Record Label: Domestic Genocide Records