The Hubris and Nemesis EP

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The Noctambulant is a hard working band from from Jacksonville that just delivered an EP hearkening back to days of old school black metal. Raw and honest, these talented musicians (and all around good people) are an example of how Florida metal keeps rolling like a runaway train. Not only has their fan base grown since the first time I caught them at Black Kvlt Fest, they’ve also picked up a few sweet endorsements.

Hubris coverThe Hubris and Nemesis is an homage to the bands that influenced them and it really does a great job at capturing low-fi style that isn’t over burdened with slick production. Sometimes less is more and they really nailed it with this release. Check the dates for an East Coast October tour with another awesome Florida band Promethean Horde so don’t miss a show if it comes near you.